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Van Security

Vans have been a favourite target for thieves for many years. All too often, whilst driving around our towns and cities you see vans that have been attacked. The standard of van security on manufacturer’s vehicles just not up to resisting the kind of attacks which we experience in the UK.

In addition to this, the original van security is designed to suit the mass market, very often only having basic operation as standard.

Not a day goes by when we do not get a call from someone who has had their van attacked; stories of not being able to work due to the tools of their trade being stolen. Add together the rising cost of replacement tools and not being able to work; can you afford not to protect your livelihood!

Motorhome Security

With the uk economy slowdown more and more people are choosing domestic and european holidays. To facilitate this the Motorhome market is booming, but a downside is that these mobile homes are seen as easy targets for theives to gain access to users vauables and sell them for fraction of their worth.

Choose from our wide product range:

Van locks to protect your valuable tools, alarm and tracking systems to protect your van or truck from being stolen, Bulkheads and window grilles for that added peace of mind we are sure to have what you need when you need it. Simply use the navigation above to find what you're after.

Fitting Service

For fitted products we offer a mobile service coming to your door within our installation area covering Greater London and the Southeast as far down as Brighton. For a Free quote or to book an appointment call us Free on 0800 112 0202. Click here for more details.

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