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UFO+ is the slam-lock for light commercial vehicles that integrates Kaba’s experT pluS high security cylinder that has been designed exclusively for the application in Meroni’s UFO+. Kaba’s cylinder is anti-picking, anti-impressioning and anti-drilling certified.

UFO+ has inherited a number of key features from UFO Classic – i.e. manufacturing standard, quality materials, unique and iconic shape and quick and smart installation system – but enhancing them to a new level, to better meet the security needs and convenience of the drivers who use vans for work and make plenty of door openings each day, as express delivery companies staff.

UFO+ is a slam-lock fastened on the vehicle body and it can be installed on both back and side sliding doors. UFO+ grants that the vehicle doors are always secured and locked while a normal padlock cannot. If the van door is closed, it’s always locked with UFO+.

A driver, making dozens of quick stops every day (such as a delivery company staff), doesn’t need to remove and replace a padlock at every single delivery. Moreover, UFO+ is equipped with an emergency system: in the event the driver remains accidentally closed in the load compartment, the stainless steel cable coupled with the latch enables its release and the door opening from inside.

UFO+ shape and its constitutive materials are a guarantee of performance and security. 

The steel semi-sphere attaches perfectly to the vehicle’s body and leaves no room to slide in anything that could be used to pry the doors open. In addition, a drill-resistant steel defender protects the cylinder core.



  • Solid - Made of AISI 304 stainless steel to be ultra-secure
  • Secure - Integrates the high security Kaba's cylinder - anti-picking, anti-impressioning and anti-drilling certified
  • Versatile - Easy to install on both back and side sliding doors
  • Unmovable - Fastened to the vehicle body, it is not removable as padlock
  • Pratical - Closes automatically, so it cannot remain open by accident
  • Elegant - Designed to intergrate perfectly with the vehicle's body

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