UK's Top Selling Anti-Theft Device Available Here At Vanlocker LTD! Armaplate ArmaCat With Armaplate's outstanding background in Van Security and Protection thanks to the huge success of Armaplate Sentinel and also Armaplate Guardian there is no doubt that ArmaCat will live up to their superb history in van security. Having already provided Van's today with excellent security essentials and preventing thieves from endangering your vehicle and goods, Armaplate UK go one step further in van security with the ArmaCat, making catalytic-converter theft a lot more difficult!

A security solution heavily recommended by van experts upon all light commecial vehicles!

Why Is It A Must In Van Security?

With the soaring prices of precious valuable metals currently occuring, it has developed a dramatic increase in the theft of catalytic-converters from vehicles. Are you thinking right now that it wouldn't be much of a big deal? Replacements for catalytic-converters can cost up to £2000! On top of that, the potential loss of business, inconvenience and plus all other associated expenses! All which is easily possible to prevent with the ArmaCat by ensuring this will never cause any finacial dilemmas or problems for you and your work. Whilst only taking less than 60 seconds using the bare standard, simplest of tools your van is in danger of the Catalytic-converters and DPF's from being stolen. Nobody would enjoy taking on the daunting task of replacing expensive equipment and damages caused of which could have been prevented easily with the neccessary security measures! The ArmaCat creates a formidable barrier between your vehicle and the thief, only by using special tools and having a considerable amount of time on their hands (causing a whole lot of noise) can the most determined thief overcome this excellent security apparatus. Not only providing extremely effective security to your van, the ArmaCat also comes at a fantastic value for money! Saving you an incredible amount of your money and time, ArmaCat's are easy and simple to install, securing enough to prevent all but the most severe theft-attacks! Our providers Armaplate are so certain and have complete trust in the reliablity of their security items that they offer a lifetime guarantee for every ArmaCat! Guaranteed for the life of ownership of the van. Conditions apply (ask for details). How does ArmaCat work? With the catalytic converter or DPF left in a possible vulnerable theft position when not protected the use of an ArmaCat encases the catalytic-converter or DPF in a clamp. This is further enhanced by high strength dome head bolts and tamperproof shear nuts. ArmaCat is made from excellent sturdy and strong materials;

  • Ultra strong 8mm Diameter 7x19 stainless steel cable with steel eyelets
  • High temperature PVC sleeve
  • Manufactured to ISO9001 made from 304 Grade, Brush Finish stainless steel for high strength and rust-free

ArmaCat - Essential Van Security! With the recent huge success of ArmaCats's past range for the Iveco, pushing thieves to target other van makes/models, Armaplate UK then extended developement to provide a more extensive range in their security line. ArmaCat is now available for Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Mercedes, Peugeot and Volkswagen! With the ever growing developement of new innovative security designs, we aim to make sure your vehicle is always the safest and secure it could possibly be providing the neccessities in van security! ArmaCat is the latest in van security and protecting your vehicle, and essentially should not be missed out on!! (Please note ArmaCat is only available for a selected number of models, not all models in each make will be suited for ArmaCat)

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