To ensure reliable operation of all Vanlocker slamlocks and deadlocks, it is essential that the following points are adhered to: As with all mechanical products, a degree of maintenance is required. An application of Van Lock Lubricant will help prevent the build up of deposits from jet wash chemicals or other foreign matter in the cylinder. The frequency of treatment will depend on the conditions/weather that the vehicle is operating in. Important: GT85 Van Lock Lubricant is formulated to meet the lubrication and cleaning requirements‚ of all van lock cylinders and their intended application as external automotive products. Commonly available proprietary lubricants will not have the same content formulation and cannot be guaranteed not to create long term operational issues. Always follow the safety instructions provided on the can, in particular, wear disposable gloves and eye protection and avoid using either product near naked flames or any other form of ignition.


General Service procedure

Maintenance is generally required every 6 months, however during adverse weather conditions, it may be necessary to increase the maintenance frequency as required. An indication that lubrication is required is when key operation or insertion into the cylinder has become stiffer or more difficult than usual. Always visually check that the key itself is not bent or damaged as a damaged key can cause premature wear to the cylinder, if you need you can order spare van lock keys.

Van Lock Cylinder Lubrication Procedure:

  1. Visually examine key to ensure problem is not due to a damaged key.
  2. Shake can of lubricant vigorously for several seconds to ensure contents are mixed.
  3. Insert the nozzle of the Van Lock Lubricant into the keyway and apply sufficient cleaner to penetrate the cylinder mechanism (approximate 1 second spray).
  4. Run the key in and out of the cylinder several times, if key is still difficult to insert, repeat cycle.
  5. After a couple of times you should notice that the key will run in and out of the cylinder more easily.
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