The VANLOK® key system has been developed in conjunction with one of Europe’s largest lock manufacturers to suit the van users requirements of quality and strength. The high strength nickel-silver keys have been designed with an easy to grip key bow for ease of use.
With our many years of experience in developing, manufacturing and installing locking systems for commercial vehicles, Our designers are the best at understanding the exact requirements of both the end-user and the installer. As standard, van lock kits are supplied in single-vehicle sets, all locks within a set are keyed alike and operate via the same high security VANLOK® key.

We supply 3 keys as standard, with additional keys available. 
VANLOK®  spare keys are cut using 100% manufacturer original blanks and computer-controlled machines. Each key is marked with the unique key code applicable to your VANLOK® lockset. Due to the restricted code system used our keys are not available from the local locksmith, if you require duplicates they would need to be ordered directly from us.

Masterkeying is the ideal solution for fleet operators. The general idea is that each operator is able to open, with just one single key the vans locked  areas (cab area, load area etc.) but is unable to open any other vans within the fleet. Then there is a separate masterkey which can be held by the fleet manager for example which is able to open any van within the masterkey system.This also allows for additional vans to be added to the system, maintaining the fleet managers capacity to open any van. Among its main features we find: -The convenience of managing one single key (which eliminates the cost of duplicating several keys). - Ease for maintenance staff to do their work, and improving the management of access points. - It allows for expanding the installations with new vans or common areas, provided that they have been allowed for in advance.