What is a deadlock?

A deadlock is a complementary lock which operates in addition to the vehicles own locking system. It is operated by using a high security coded key which is then rotated in the lock throwing a deadbolt across from the door to the pillar or in some circumstances from the pillar into the door depending on the individual application. This either permits or stops unauthorised access to the door in question.

How do they work?

A deadlocks works by extending a deadbolt from the lock body which is fitted into the vehicles door. This then engages with either a lock keep or bracket which then stops the door from opening.

Who are they for?

Deadlocks are for people who require additional; security for their vehicle as the standard locking systems are generally not up to even the most simple methods of attack. For example the breaking of a window which allows the thief to unlock the door from the inside.

What are the drawbacks of having deadlocks?

The main drawbacks of having deadlocks on a vehicle is usually the driver can forget to use them. For example he may have his hands full with tools etc and may wish to come back to lock the door of the van. This may be 15 minutes later if his phone subsequently rings or is otherwise distracted.

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