About Slamlocks

What is a slamlock?

Slamlocks are a type of lock used on light commercial vehicles also known as vans that facilitate the automatic locking of the vehicles doors. It derives it's name from the description of it's operation: ie the door is slammed shut and is considered to be locked as the door can only be reopened by introduction of the coded key that is specific to that door.

How does a slamlock work?

Slamlocks operate by interfacing with the existing lock on the vehicle usually by either rod or cable. This is usually determined by the methods used by the vehicle manufacturer. There are generally 2 modes of operation with a slam lock.

  1. Where the operator uses the key to unlock the doors locking mechanism which then allows them to release the door with the door handle in the usual way.
  2. Where the driver operates the slamlock which in turn releases the vehicle door without requiring operation of the handle. On certain doors this can allow for one handed operation as long as the door is not too heavy for example.

Who would use a slamlock?

Slamlocks are generally used by operators who require their van doors to be locked imediately after it has been closed such as couriers and people who maybe do not feel that they would remember or have the time to lock the door every single time they gain access to the vehicles contents. It is also known for slamlocks to be used on van cab doors to prevent driver hijacking as the door will be locked from the outside stopping the door being opened in traffic etc.

Why are slamlocks used?

Slamlocks are very often specified by companies where they do not feel that the vehicles operator will remember to lock the doors on their vehicle each and every time (it is a part of being human that makes us forgetful at times) The slamlock will never forget!

What are the drawbacks of having slamlocks?

One of the main disadvantages of having slamlocks is the drawback of leaving the keys in the vehicle and then closing the door afterwards. This leaves the operator in the position of needing a spare key to regain entry to the vehicle. This can be circumvented in a number of ways such as the operator having his keys on a chain attached to a belt loop or having a spare key in the operators wallet or other safe place.

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