Thankyou for choosing Vanlocker to fit your new van locks, we value all of our customers old and new. Please see our install FAQ below for a few things that will help us to provide you with a smoother installation experience:

Your Appointment

If we are running more than half an hour early or late from your appointment time our engineer will give you a call to update you on their progress as we sometimes get held up due to excess traffic or previous customers running late.

Please Note: if you need to self isolate, let us know as soon as possible so we can move you to a later appointment and book someone else in who needs their van secured.

If you need to update your booking with a new address for example, let us know either by WhatsApp or call us on 020 3519 0529

Parking & Parking Restrictions

To carry out installation for deadlocks or hooklocks parking needs to be provided as we need to have our van next to yours so that we can run the necessary power and air lines for our tools. If you are having slamlocks or plates fitted then we may not need to be so near as battery tools are used.

We also need our customers to check for parking restrictions as we have had a few incidences of no parking available on arrival due to being permit only. In these cases a visitors permit would be required.


If you have racking that goes across the doorway of your sliding door/s and you are having slamlocks, slamhandles, shielding or plates fitted to your sliding doors, please can you make sure that this is removed prior to installation, as the engineer needs to be able to sit inside the van and slide the door closed to remove the door panel and access the internal door lock mechanism. Also if the back of your van is full can you make sure there is space for our engineer to work.


If you have any concerns about where the locks go, please refer to the pictures on our website for lock positions. If you have a whole wrap on your van please advise us so that we can make any necessary precautions or recommendations regarding this as any hot shards of metal while cutting may damage it, we would quite often recommend having your van sign written after your locks have been fitted as small changes in the design can usually be made to compensate for lock positions.

Invoicing & Payment

When we have finished let us know your company name/invoice details etc so we can provide you with a vat invoice when the job is complete.

Please Note: We are only accepting credit cards at this time, our engineers are supplied with chip and pin machines for the maximum security of your card details.


Please Note: if you need to self isolate , let us know as soon as possible so we can move you to a later appointment and book someone else in who needs their van secured

Once again, many thanks for choosing Vanlocker for your van security requirements.