Berlingo - Partner 08 - 17 drivers door Armaplate

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Armaplate Sentinel

Van Make/Model: Citroen Berlingo | Peugeot Partner

Part Number: AP170

Door: Drivers Front  Door (Offside Front Door (OSF))

Van Security Purpose: Van Lock Protection

The Armaplate Vehicle Lock Protection Systems have been designed to dramtically reduce damage to, and theft from, light commercial vehicles. There are no better commercial vehicle security systems on the market!

What's so good about Armaplate?

  • Completely encases the vulnerable area around the doorlock and/or handle.
  • Aesthically appealing stainless steel plate.
  • Provides an incredibly tough triple barrier protection between the thief and the contents of your van.
  • Works as a speedy and economical repair, following a break-in.
  • Ultra-Slim profile preventing it from being gripped or torn through the weak doorskin.
  • No additional keys required.
  • Stainless steel construction meaning it will never rust or look untidy.
  • It has no moving parts, so it will never wear out or stop working.
  • It will save you money acting as a virtual repair after a theft attack has already taken place!
Additional Details
How does it fit? The stainless-steel exterior plate has threaded studs onthe reverse side which go through the doorskin and then through the steel backing-plate. These protective layers are then bonded together with 10mm Locknuts, resulting in a virtually impenetrable barrier!

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