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The Armaplate Catshield is without a doubt the best and most cost-effective anti-theft device currently on the market. It's incredibly quick and easy to install and also still provides the ultra-high protection we all know from earlier products by Armaplate.

With their excellent background in light commercial vehicle security we are pleased to announce the latest in their security line.

If you were searching for the best possible security for your Mercedes Sprinter then you're reading the perfect article.

Armaplate supply us here at Vanlocker with excellent security products, these include the standard Armaplate Sentinel - The ultimate in security and door lock protection whilst still maintaining an affordable value and fantastic value for money. Armaplate also supply us with the Armaplate Guardian product, which unlike the Sentinel, they are bonded onto the doorskin using a very high bond gasket made by adhesive giant, 3M.

With the incredible security design and reliablity of their products Armaplate are so confident in this system that they offer a guarantee to replace any plate damaged from a theft-attack for the life of ownership of the vehicle.

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