Peugeot Boxer Slamhandles 2006 - Current

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HANDLELOK®️ is the name for our VANLOK®️ family of van slamhandles which can be keyed alike with our CABLOK®️, DEADLOK®️ and HOOKLOK®️ series of van security locks.

Developed specifically for the rigours of the courier market; VANLOK®️ HANDLELOK®️ ’s operate by giving additional security as soon as the door is slammed shut. Thus requiring re-introduction of the high security VANLOK®️ key each time the door is to be opened. This means that the driver can no longer forget to lock the van door even for a minute, as the slamlock will never forget.

✔️ 3 keys supplied per set of locks
✔️ High Strength / Security Double Sided Nickel Silver Dimple Keys
✔️ Restricted VANLOK® key code system to prevent unauthorised duplication
✔️ Factory internal escape utilised wherever possible.
✔️ Corrosion Resistant Components
✔️ Anti-Pick, Drill, Torque and Bump Cylinders
✔️ All Locks Keyed Alike for each Van
✔️ Can also be keyed alike with SLAMLOK®, CABLOK®, DEADLOK® and HOOKLOK® products.
✔️ Master Keying At All Levels Available
✔️ Spare Keys cut to Code
✔️ Easy user friendly maintenance
✔️ Stainless Steel backplates and cam assemblies supplied as standard.
✔️ Industry Leading Commercial Grade Anti-Corrosion Tested Cylinders Specifically For Automotive Use
✔️ Door specific fitting guides supplied with all HANDLELOK® kits
✔️ 2 Year Warranty as Standard*

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